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Thank you for visiting my home page. I was a full time tenured Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where I taught pharmacy law, professional ethics and health care administration until I retired in 2016. I consult with individuals, attorneys and insurance companies throughout the country on issues relating to my teaching and research interests. On these pages you should find everything you might ever want to know about my practice, research, activities and me.

Michigan Pharmacy Law:
A Guide to the Statutes and Regulations
8th edition
Published February, 2017
Michigan Pharmacists Association
Pharmacy Law Update Service CD-ROM
April, 2014
Michigan Pharmacists Association

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US Pharmacist:
Pharmacy Law & Ethics Monthly Column

A particularly useful site for Michigan pharmacy law questions can be found on the MPA pages.

This link goes to the Pharmacy Ethics page that contains papers that students wrote about a variety of pharmacy and health care this topics.

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My primary research interests are in the fields of pharmacy law, pharmacy ethics and professional responsibility along with health care administration. I like to study how behavioral sciences reveal the motivations for pharmacists and other health care professionals to act in legal and ethical manners.

Teaching pharmacy law, pharmacy ethics and professional responsibility along with health care administration is my primary interest and responsibility. 


Writing about pharmacy law and ethical issues is one of my favorite endeavors. Over the years I have developed a body of publications that cover a variety of topics in these fields.


I an General Counsel to the Michigan Pharmacists Association where I provide guidance on the legal issues that face pharmacists in a professional environment.


I also practice law and am Of Counsel to the lawfirm of Cummings, McClorey Davis and  Acho, LLP in Livonia, Michigan.


In addition, I consult with individuals, pharmacists, pharmacies, attorneys and insurance companies on pharmacy law matters.

Let's Not Kill All the Lawyers

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